About us

Hungarian Interchurch Aid, founded in 1991, is one of Hungary’s largest charity organizations that also has gained international recognition. Through its expanding community of experts, volunteers, donors and corporate partners, HIA-Hungary assists those in distress and deprivation. Regardless of nationality, religion and ideology, HIA-Hungary provides assistance to those in need in Hungary, and in the international arena as a member of the international community in accordance with the strictest professional and transparency rules. 


Assistance to those in need 
HIA-Hungary’s objective is to deliver quick, professional and effective assistance to crisis victims of natural and man-made disasters. 

Fight against poverty
HIA-Hungary’s objective is to offer not only emergency assistance but also provide chances to break out of poverty for people who are ready to take actions to promote their catching-up.

Stronger social solidarity​ 
HIA-Hungary’s objective is to strengthen social solidarity through creating the culture of volunteering and giving.  


Our Philosophy

To whom, why and how do we help? Learn about values and principles which provide guidelines for the activities of HIA.


The most important events of the past more than two decades, from the very beginning to the present day. Learn about our history with the help of an easy-to-read timeline.


HIA-Hungary has been giving high priority to accountability of its activities and to ensure compliance with the strictest international standards from the very beginning. How does donation become assistance and how can you trace that it reaches the intended place? Find out more about our financial reports and see what is behind the numbers!

Partner Community

Our major strength is the widening partner network which is always ready to unite for good causes. Learn about this trans-sectoral and trans-boundary community!


The core of HIA-Hungary’s community is its staff including 160 members who are committed to give their best and work every day to achieve the objectives and create a better world. Meet our uniquely diverse team!