Our community is based on trust. Trust is based on accountability.

Use of Donations

So that we can help even more! 
In order to increase accountability, Hungarian Interchurch Aid introduced a unified system for both individual and corporate donations:  

The donation’s…

…85% - is directly spent on the support of the aid program indicated by the donor. Each project of the organization has a separate identification number so EACH DONATION IS TRACKABLE! 

…9% - is spent on covering indirect costs related to aid program(s), thus ensuring PROFESSIONAL, TRANSPARENT AND SUSTAINABLE ASSISTANCE! 
Costs included in this category are: implementation, coordination and operating costs, services to guarantee financial transparency.  

…6% - is spent on feedback towards the donor(s) and on community and communication activities that encourage active social solidarity, so that MORE OF US CAN HELP EVEN MORE!
Costs included in this category are: newsletters and reports, fundraising appeals, recruitment, training and coordination of volunteers, awareness raising activities, press and community media communication costs 

Audits, financial transparency 

Hungarian Interchurch Aid has been the first organization in Hungary that submitted itself to audits performed on the basis of the strictest KPMG standards. Following the annual audits, the organization’s annual narrative reports and financial statements sent to partners can be read and downloaded from HIA-Hungary’s website.

We report to our donors 

We believe that clear reporting about the use of donations is a worthy return for our donors’ trust. Therefore, our organization places great emphasis on giving clear feedbacks to donors on the use of their donations regardless of the size of the donation. Correctness of our accounting practice established in this field is justified by undiminished confidence of tens of thousands of donors and numerous international and domestic partners. 

And it does not only include nice words but a strict accounting pattern: each donor who gives us his/her contact details receives a personal letter of thanks which confirms that the donation arrived and also provides information on the results and actual progress of the aid program donated by him/her.  

Separate publications are made on the most significant programs summarizing the program’s details; these are available in both paper and electronic form. Each year following the annual general assembly a public benefit report including the detailed narrative report and financial statement is published on our website and a shorter printed version is also prepared for the supporting community.  

HIA-Hungary’s work can be followed on the organization’s website and its Facebook page; transparency is also assisted by intense media communication. 

You can read our latest annual report here. 

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2017 - Finances

Total Expenditures (thousand HUF) — 2017

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