Partner Community

Together for a better world!

International Networks

Our contacts with certain governmental and non-governmental organizations extend beyond the borders: since the foundation we have been working together with numerous foreign organizations in relief activities.

Partners in Hungary

During its activities, our agency places great emphasis on partnership with several governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Corporate Partners

Our organization is a partner of numerous companies in CSR. Each member of our diverse community contributes to achieving our common goals depending on their means and possibilities.

Media Partners

We give high priority to every medium which is ready to help us in our efforts to have our voice calling for collaboration heard by as many people as possible, to show people how donations become assistance and to thank everyone who helped together with us.


Volunteering is one of the core values of our organization. Our volunteers multiply our efforts serving as a renewable energy source.


The core group of the organization that is committed to help more. Get acquainted with HIA’s team.