Activities in Hungary

Who We Help?

Children and Families

Our priority goal is to assist vulnerable families facing crisis. Through our nationwide institutional network and relief programs we strive not only to provide temporary assistance to families but to offer a real chance of breaking out of poverty and catching up with society.

The homeless

Complex help is provided to the homeless in several major cities of the country. In addition to basic services that often target actual survival, we also try to provide personalized help to move forward and promote reintegration into society.


A rarely highlighted but an important area of creating equal opportunities is to help people get rid of their addiction. Our centers provide help to addicts in 4 parts of the country.

Victims of abuse

One of our priority goals is to assist those affected by domestic violence and abuse.

Victims of Disasters

Quick and effective assistance is provided to victims of both natural and man-made disasters. From emergency assistance to harm mitigation, rehabilitation and restart.

Programs in Focus

We are running projects in several fields of our activities that are of strategic importance due to their size, innovative nature or complexity; therefore, they are treated as priority programs. You can review these activities under this menu item.