Why with us?

Common interests and common values form the basis of a good partnership.

"I am still surprised at but also reassured by the professionalism that characterizes them. They work simply, quickly and effectively. Their assistance always arrives to the right place in good time." November, 2013István Huczka, Country Manager, Whirlpool Hungary 

"We have been supporting the work of Hungarian Interchurch Aid for years because it works for long-term goals. It is very important for us that the organization we have connection with is thinking not on a single, short-term basis but provides real assistance offering real way out for the people in need." November, 2013 - Márta Pálfalvi; Corporate Communications Director, Tesco Hungary

"It means a lot to us that there is a professional formation like Hungarian Interchurch Aid that has the necessary experiences to provide guidance and decide where to help, where the biggest problems are." November, 2013 - Zoltán Ács & Dávid Greskovits; Managing Directors, Meditop Kft.    

We asked some of our long-time partners why do they choose us again and again as the partner organization for their company's CSR programs. Click here for the unedited answers.

Our Values


We offer your company a comprehensive partnership beneficial for both parties: 
Our Liaison and Advisory team having extensive experiences in the field of CSR ensures the realization of ideas. HIA-Hungary’s experts with a clear understanding of both corporate and NGO’s needs, expectations and requirements can help you in elaborating and refining your company’s CSR strategy. Our contact person continuously monitors the joint project, informs your company of its progress and of the potentially arising issues – this way we combine benefits of cooperation through CSR agencies and direct cooperation with an NGO.  

We have been organizing corporate partnership meeting every year since 2009 to strengthen the partner community. The meeting allows not only acknowledgements but also community building, establishment of new co-operations and partner collaborations. 


We are dealing with complex problems the solution of which requires great expertise: aid programs could not be performed without relevant experience and competence. HIA-Hungary’s experts with outstanding experiences on their fields are working in cooperation with local stakeholders and local communities thus they know their needs and know how to assist them in the most effective way.  

Professional background of HIA-Hungary’s programs are also ensured by the application of international standards: each project is characterized by search for complex solutions. We involve beneficiaries in implementation and give high priority to program sustainability. All these activities are performed in accordance with the principles of project cycle management. 


Our organization’s credibility is confirmed by the 22-year domestic and international recognition.  For years now, several smaller and large-scale companies consider our organization worthy of long-term, continuous cooperation. More than 100 companies contributed to the efficiency of our activities with their support during the past few years.

Professional performance and reliability of HIA-Hungary is being internationally recognized as we work as cooperative partner of several international organizations (e.g. ACT Alliance, European Union, different UN agencies, the Japanese government). 

Our goodwill ambassadors have been also guaranteeing for years that our work is worthy of support: Anikó Lévai has been actively involved in our activities since 1998, while István „Koko” Kovács has been helping us since 2004. 


HIA-Hungary has been giving high priority to accountability of its activities and to ensure compliance with the strictest international standards from the very beginning.
We prepare detailed project report on the use of each corporate donation which includes narrative and financial reports supported by invoices. 
You can read more about our efforts that ensure accountability and you can also read our financial statements and reports here.


Just like a well-functioning company, we also try to solve the emerging problems as effectively and successfully as possible. The continuous reassessment of our activities prompts us to develop new and innovative solutions. . During the past few years we introduced numerous pilot programs and forms of assistance that were not known in Hungary before, including micro-grants, innovative labor market programs and innovative ways of reintegration support for the ones in need. 
The same openness and innovative approach is applied when elaborating CSR programs: we take into account all technological and methodological innovations – that are beneficial both for the company and beneficiaries – to make the cooperation as effective as possible.