Donors are the largest group of HIA-Hungary’s community. Their moral and financial support allows the organization to help more vulnerable individuals and give them more and help more effectively.

The opportunity to assist people in need is mainly provided by cash and in-kind contributions of our individual and corporate donors. As a professional fundraising organization, we undertake transparent and effective delivery of donations to their destination. During our regular and emergency fundraising campaigns following natural or man-made disasters, we place great emphasis on carrying out collections with clear targets, ethically and transparently.

Thus at the beginning of each campaign we set out specific goals and communicate clearly on what and how we are going to spend the donations received through the collection. When a given campaign is over, we publish the results and details of the aid action to be realized from the funds collected. We provide feedbacks on the use of donations received; furthermore, we also send summary videos and reports on our most significant campaigns to donators whose contact details are available to us. Our campaigns take place before the watchful eyes of the media, thus ensuring that more people are informed on the emergency situation and our goals. Moreover, it also ensures that everyone keeps track of our collection and work. All this guarantees transparency of our campaigns and use of donations received.

During our campaigns we always bear in mind the interest of people in need and we do our best not to present them as objects of pity but as dignified human beings and preserve their dignity when involving them in the fundraising.

Our transparent and ethical fundraising is confirmed by the fact that more than 10 000 donors consider our goals and activities worthy of regular, repeated support. Every year an average of 2000 new donors join our community, and further hundreds of thousands people provide resources required for our work by calling the donation line 1353.

You can support our activities via bank transfer:

Foreign Currency Accounts: Magyar Külkereskedelmi Bank Zrt.
Account name: Hungarian Interchurch Aid
EURO Account: HU 42-1030-0002-5010-0126-2100-4882
USD Account: HU 41-1030-0002-5010-0126-2101-4018