International Activities

International Networks

  • ACT Alliance

  • Eurodiaconia

  • European Union

What We Do?

Humanitarian Assistance

We satisfy basic needs of those affected by natural and industrial disasters and armed conflicts in the frame of emergency assistance. We support families, communities and institutions in the post-disaster rehabilitation works.


We support education and training of children, youths and also that of adults. We contribute to establishing and developing of proper educational infrastructure and supply of the necessary educational tools with the help of local labor force.

Agriculture and Rural development

We support food security initiatives of a given region by our rural development programs that are built on each other. These programs include agricultural, water management and environmental protection projects.

Empowerment of Local Communities

By gaining independence and economic empowerment, disadvantaged groups, families and small communities play key roles in poverty reduction and sustainable development.

Capacity Development

The objective of our infrastructural and organizational capacity development activities is to create the conditions for the development of a civil society thus strengthening advocacy skills of local communities.