Food to those starving,
home for the homeless,
chances for the deprived!
Our goal is not only to provide temporary assistance to those in crises
but to show them a way out of poverty.

Poverty affects millions of people in Hungary today

Covering the most basic needs causes serious problem to every third family. Hundreds of thousands of children
have no homes where they can
feel safe and protected.
Every 9th individual is permanently falling behind in society.

Faces of poverty – together we can help

Hundreds of thousands in need turn to us for help annually.
More than 20 000 troubled families turn to our Aid Center for support annually. An average of 900 parents escaping from domestic violence seek shelter in our institution annually. Natural disasters affected more than 1 000 000 people in Hungary during the past 10 years. An average of 1000 unemployed individuals ask for our help in job search annually. More than 1000 families seek shelter in our institutions annually. 80% of children arriving to our institutions are seriously lagging behind their peers at school.