Since 1991 we have provided assistance to those in need in an amount of EUR 93 million.

Persistent fight against poverty

Our activities in numbers

1000 volunteers help our work annually. Number of our regular donors exceeds 10 000. 70% of those involved in our program supporting unemployed in Budapest find employment within 180 days. Our Aid center delivers 5 000
aid packages

to families in need annually.
We provide safe shelter for 150 families annually. 13 000 tons of food aid was distributed among 2 million people in need in a total value of EUR 14 million during the last 8 years. We contribute to
improvement of school results of 1000
children annually.
We provide support to those in need in an amount of EUR 8 million annually. More than 300 staff members of HIA-Hungary are working to provide food, home and chance for the deprived. Since 1991 we have assisted victims of natural disasters in Hungary in damage mitigation, reconstruction and restarting their lives in a total value of EUR 7 million.

Assistance becomes real help

We were left without job with my husband and our 3 children so we had to move out and almost became homeless. Sometimes we only had 2 euros for a week – the only thing that mattered was to give food to our children. The food donations from HIA arrived at the right time when we were on the verge of collapse. The children’s schooling was supported with school kits: without it they wouldn’t have had any equipment. The donations helped us through the most difficult times until we pulled ourselves together and my husband found employment.
OLÍVIA Food and school supplies received from the organization allowed us to take care of our 3 children when it seemed hopeless from our own resources.
When I started to search for a job alone, my enthusiasm soon waned due to the failures. Luckily I could take part in HIA-Hungary’s program that supports job-seekers. It was a constant motivating factor that I should believe in myself. I had to believe that everything that I have learnt and done so far was not in vain. I got a huge confidence and methodological support. Thanks to this I have found the job which I am absolutely satisfied with: I always wanted to do what I am doing now.
GÁBOR After a long, unsuccessful job-search the assistance received from HIA-Hungary has helped me to find a job.
We lost our home with my partner and our four children; there were no vacancies in the settlement where we lived. We would have become homeless and would have lost our children if we were not accommodated in one of HIA’s institutions. The staff received us very kindly and helpfully - we found a real home.
I am very grateful for everything - we have a roof over our heads, my family could stay together, we have the opportunity to work, the children to learn. We received all the support to prepare for an independent living.
KATALIN We wouldn’t have a roof over our heads without HIA’s help. We could not have stayed together with our four children who are the most important to us.