You also Shape the World!
Formáld Te is a világot!

We believe that we can act for a better world if we draw people’s attention to social and global problems related to our practical, helping activities. We consider it an important part of community building to show cause and effect relationships, i.e. what and why we are doing. We invite everyone not only to think together but also to act jointly, which is expressed in the motto of our awareness raising program series: You also Shape the World!

How long would you walk for a glass of water?
While we take it for granted that we always have clean water at our fingertips, access to life-giving water is a daily struggle for hundreds of millions of people in a large part of the world. In addition to presenting HIA-Hungary’s aid program, a treadmill and two water-filled cans brings the everyday task of carrying water in Africa closer to participants of the awareness raising action organized in connection with our activities in Ethiopia.  

Gaming with limits  
According to research gambling addiction is a significant problem affecting 3% of the Hungarian population. With the involvement of four secondary schools in Debrecen, we launched a pilot program where in the frame of special homeroom classes, club sessions and camps we draw teenagers’ attention to the dangers they are exposed to by gambling or using the internet . Related to the program, a self-help group was also launched for gamblers who wish to get rid of their addiction. 

10 minutes of solidarity 
In our program launched in 2008, the most significant global problems of our time were presented in the context of the Millennium Development Goals. Of course, we did not only outline the problems during the two-year roadshow which involved more than 10 thousand students but through HIA-Hungary’s international activities we also presented   how we can become the means to achieve these goals and become the shapers of the 21st century. Virtual version of the exhibition and the educational materials are still available and valid today. 



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