Our organization started its activities with a handful of teams in 1991 and today assists those in need and distress with 300 full-time staff-members, nationwide institutional network and by the help of experiences gained during implementation of aid programs in almost 40 countries.

Many key milestones of the past two decades are connected with aid programs launched following extreme natural or man-made crises. Reviewing the events collected along the below timeline, however, results of the less „spectacular”, quieter everyday dedicated work are also clearly visible. HIA-Hungary was primarily characterized by continuous development and community building which promoted effective response to ever-evolving social challenges.


Assistance in the migrant crisis
Nepal earthquake
Crisis center in Cambodia
See the signs’ campaign
Assistance to Iraqi IDPs
Support to even more unemployed
Floods of the century in the Balkans
Carefree childhood
Assistance to IDPs in Ukraine
Post-typhoon assistance in the Philippines
Pioneering reintegration program in Belarus
Assistance in Danube flood protection and restoration
We help the homeless in Csepel
Assistance to victims of the floods of river Tisza
Temporary Family Shelter in Kastélyosdombó
Assistance to victims of the Haiti earthquake
New Temporary Family Shelter in Budapest
Assistance to addicts in Kastélyosdombó
Well drilling in Ethiopia
The National Aid Center started its operation
Assistance in Japan following the tsunami
Assistance to victims of the red sludge disaster
Start of the Ygen HR Center
Aid program in Gaza
Opening of the Regional Crisis Management Center in Szolnok
Our Miskolc institution has become a National Methodological Center
Our Miskolc institution has become a National Methodological Center
Opening of the Home for Unaccompanied Minors
Assistance to victims of the earthquake in China
Awareness raising project called ‘10 minutes of solidarity’
The pilot program called „You’re not alone” starts
Our first EU food-aid program starts
Our awareness raising program series begin
The After-school Support program begins
Earthquake in Indonesia
Assistance in Lebanon
New center for addicts in Szolnok
Development of disadvantaged groups in Uzbekistan
Regional Crisis Management Center in Miskolc
Assistance following the flooding in Székely Land and Moldova
István „Koko” Kovács became HIA-Hungary’s goodwill ambassador
Assistance in Sri Lanka and Thailand following the tsunami
Food assistance during the famine in Sudan
Assistance in Iraq
Concluding a framework agreement with ECHO
Floods in Central-Europe
Drug Prevention and Health Care Center in Debrecen
New center for addicts in Soroksár
The first love.hunger campaign
Our participation in Afghanistan begins
New Development Center in Olaszliszka
Floods in Hungary and Transcarpathia
Temporary Family Shelter in Orosháza
Social and Development Center in Gyula
Temporary Family Shelter in Szolnok
Daytime Shelter for Addicts in Budapest
Floods on river Tisza
Advocacy and Development Center in Transcarpathia
Assistance to victims of the Kosovo war
Temporary Family Shelter in Miskolc
Assistance to flood-victims in Hungary
Daytime and community care for addicts in Debrecen
Daytime shelter in Budapest
Anikó Lévai HIA-Hungary’s first goodwill ambassador
Flood assistance in Transcarpathia
Child Welfare Service is launched in Soroksár
Family Assistance Service is launched in Soroksár
The first Advent fundraising
Beginning of our activities in the North-Caucasus
Development programs in the territory of Former Yugoslavia
Formation of ACT International
Temporary Refugee Reception Center in Erőspuszta
Establishment of the Social Center in district 13 of Budapest
Foundation of Hungarian Interchurch Aid